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Our volunteers come from all walks of life and backgrounds and we love the diversity amongst our Team of Friends. There are so many roles and activities you can participate in with as much commitment as you are able to provide. If you are passionate and want to make a difference then join us for an opportunity to meet other people, in a friendly and fun environment.

What we look for in our volunteers


  • Have a can do attitude and can work as part of a team. There is not a single role or activity in Friends with Dignity that isn’t possible when working in a Team of enthusiastic and dedicated Friends.


  • Be realistic about the time you can commit. There are many ways to volunteer at Friends with Dignity and saying no once does not mean we won’t invite you again to participate in an activity or program. Volunteering should make you feel good – not add pressure to your already busy life.


  • Ask for help and have fun.


  • Be flexible and know that not all roles and activities will suit everyone. Let us find what makes you happy whilst helping others and making a difference.

as a volunteer

Registering as a Friends with Dignity volunteer is a simple two step process

Complete a National Police Check

The company we recommend charges $29.90 for volunteers and generally returns the check

within 72 hours. 


Please note: The Police check must be completed prior to the next step and must be attached to the application form. 

Complete a Volunteer application form

Complete a Volunteer application form including our Code of Conduct. If there is a particular role you would like to do, mention it in your application.

Volunteer FAQs

What is the time commitment?

Most of our volunteering roles are seasonal, meaning that as requests come in, we would get in contact to see if you were available to assist for a short period of time (e.g. 7 days for a sanctuary or one afternoon for a fundraising event). Other roles such as Coordinator roles and operations support vary in time commitment but usually require at least weekly attention.

Is volunteering with FwD family friendly?

Yes, we all volunteer around our everyday lives and understand that you, as a new volunteer will need to do the same.

I am wanting to volunteer with clients directly? Do we ever get to meet the client?

No, we don’t ever have any direct contact with the client. The client’s support worker acts as a liaison between the client and our organisation. We do this for a few reasons, one, we aim to provide these services ‘anonymously’ as to protect the dignity of the client and secondly so that volunteers withhold healthy boundaries for their own self care.

How are the services requested?

All requests for service whether this be for a sanctuary, an urgent request or other assistance for help are made through service providers supporting clients affected by Domestic Violence.


These services, being, a domestic violence refuge, community based service, public health or emergency service.

Will I get support?

We are a little different to most charities in that we only accept donations on an as needed basis (apart from linen, kitchen items, bathroom and laundry items, curtains). Please put your name down as a potential Coordinator if you are interested in a role such as this.

Can I help by being a drop off point for donations?

We are a little different to most charities in that we only accept donations on an as needed basis (apart from linen, kitchen items, bathroom and laundry items, curtains). Please put your name down as a potential Coordinator if you are interested in a role such as this.

This partnership is important as we believe that by collaborating and working with other services and businesses, we can have a bigger impact and utilise resources to assist people or families at risk.

Am I expected to use my own funds when volunteering?

There is absolutely no expectation that you purchase items out of your own pocket. We always do the very best we can and that is all we can do.


Friends with Dignity host and participate in fundraising activities throughout the year to be able to fund their programs. We do not expect anyone to be out of pocket when volunteering. Your time and contribution in regards to using your own transport is donation enough.

Can I assist by getting my workplace/friends/family involved and organising a drive for donations?

Absolutely, we always welcome volunteers who can coordinator ‘drives’ of items through their networks. Please get in contact with us in regards to assisting in this way and request a list of items we are currently short on. We will need to provide you an authority to collect donations on behalf of FwD. We can also provide the applicable promotional material for you to use to advertise the drive.


Register your interest

Will I be insured as a volunteer?

Yes, FwD have all the necessary insurances and public liability in place to cover our volunteers whilst they are volunteering.

Registering as a Friends with Dignity volunteer is a simple two step process

Our volunteers

I have always been someone that likes to help out in the community and give back where I can as I gained that from my parents over the years. After seeing so many reports on the TV and radio of women and men having their lives taken and the aftermath for the children left behind I thought we have to break the cycle somehow. I came across the Friends with Dignity Facebook page and saw how they help women and men with children escape domestic violence and I thought yes these kids need a new start in life with their parent and I would like to help them achieve that. So here I am.


I make the time to support Friends With Dignity because there’s so many reasons to say “I’m too busy” – yet assisting others to better themselves is truly important work. All children, and their parents, deserve a safe home, a comfortable bed, their own toothbrush and quality books to read. Helping people who are trying to empower themselves though Friends With Dignity is not only rewarding for all involved but also a chance to demonstrate to society that domestic violence should not be ignored. So I do what I can because I choose, to do what I can, to make a difference to the lives of others beyond my own circle. As this really is a small world we inhabit, and violence is not appropriate.


For me the “Dignity” part of Friends with Dignity is very important. When anyone is faced with a situation they would rather choose not to be in and often having to face that situation with little or nothing to move forward with can often be and feel overwhelming. Spending a little bit of my time to help gather goods for a home, comfort packs or clothing for Friends with Dignity is an easy task in comparison. Domestic violence is a very real problem in our society and one that is often ignored for those suffering, being able to assist and help give these victims some semblance of dignity back is very rewarding.


Giving back to my community is something that has always been important to me. As a victim-survivor of domestic violence I think it’s important to StepUp and SpeakOut. I want to be a part of ensuring what happened to me doesn’t happen to other people. The work we at Friends With Dignity means I can make a contribution to our community, support victim-survivors of domestic and family violence take the next steps in their journey free from violence and abuse, and raise awareness so we can break the cycle of violence. Our incredible team makes it so easy to volunteer and work around my full time job. I love the people I work with and the work that we do.


Join Us

We invite all Australians to join us in supporting victim-survivors of domestic violence as we work towards building a nation free from domestic violence.