Round 4

Little Friends Scholarships


2018 Australian Charity of the Year, Friends With Dignity offer academic and extra-curricular assistance to children affected by domestic violence.

We are now taking applications for the fourth round of our Little Friends Scholarship program, which awards bi-annual monetary scholarships to children throughout Australia who have faced, or are facing, domestic or family violence.

The educational and extra-curricular scholarships help to cover a variety of expenses from helping kids attend camp and after-school activities with their peers, to providing uniforms.

The first three rounds of the program have seen a total of 68 scholarships awarded, with a minimum of 40 scholarships on offer in round four.

“We established the Little Friends Scholarship program to ensure all children who are facing or have faced domestic violence have the ability to normalise their lives.

“The scholarships are designed to help young domestic violence victim-survivors rebuild their confidence by finding something they are good at, and ensuring their education continues.”

Our other programs are on a referral basis from organisations and refuges, however, the Little Friends Scholarship program allows parents the opportunity to submit an application personally.

Donations to the Little Friends Scholarship Community Fund can be large or small. All funds received will be pooled together in $500 amounts (the size of a scholarship), and all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Anyone interested in applying for the Little Friends Scholarship Program can visit our Little Friends Scholarship page for further information.

“Many of the children that have historically applied for a scholarship are suffering from significant trauma. Some even with PTSD, which we would equate to that suffered by our servicemen and women returning from a war zone,”


Julia McKenna.
Friends With Dignity Chief Financial Officer

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