Sanctuary 65



Our amazing friends have completed Sanctuary 65 for a mum and her three children. We’d like to thank our wonderful team leader Tovah for all their hard work pulling together this amazing new home for our friends. Thank you so much for your positive energy and the beautiful sanctuary that you have created.

Here’s what you helped us create

Thank you everyone for your wonderful donations


πŸ’œPatty: TV unit
πŸ’œJadon Smith: Microwave & Iron
πŸ’œLesleigh Ross: Queen Bed, Ironing Board, DVD player, Set top box, Plates
πŸ’œKiah & Thalia: Bedside table & Kitchen utensils, Bookcase
πŸ’œChris Twine: Mop & bucket & Trailer use
πŸ’œMyrna: Dinning table, Kids toys, Beanbag, Clothing, Books, Side desk
πŸ’œNina & Keiran: Fridge
πŸ’œCameron: Toys, Dvd’s & muscle strength
πŸ’œCarolyn and Mark: Lounge
πŸ’œKay Balke: Single beds & mattresses x2
πŸ’œShasta & Andrew: Outdoor setting
πŸ’œCharlotte: Washing Machine
πŸ’œLynne Fox: Bathroom Shelves, Coffee mugs
πŸ’œDebbie Price: Laundry Basket
πŸ’œDeb: Glasses
πŸ’œEllen: Lamp
πŸ’œBrad: Coffee Table
πŸ’œJean & Todd: Sideboard

Also to our coordinators who go above and beyond, this could not be done without you all, Helen, Kerryn, Bianca & Tamara and of course my mentor Kelly. Last but not least, my very patient partner Warren for his organization skills and muscle power.

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