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Urgent Request

Urgent requests are filled for people in refuge or that have already settled in their new homes. Their clients may have just arrived in refuge and need some nappies for their baby, toiletries for themselves, or they may have just moved into their new home and need some kitchen items. No request is completely out of the question, so please ask for whatever your client needs. In most cases, we’ll do our best to assist.

To fill your request, we put a call out through our Friends With Dignity Facebook page with the details of the request and ask for the goods requested or donations to fund the request.

Some examples of Urgent Requests we receive:

  • Driving lessons for a mum learning independence for the first time
  • A formal dress for a little friend celebrate the end of her schooling with her friends
  • Some décor for a Refuge to make it feel more comfortable
  • Removalists costs to help a family escape a violent home
  • Funding to pay bills left over from the previous relationship

Urgent Requests can be for tangible goods or monetary. If possible, please provide a quote or bill at the time of submission, however, the request can still be made if you don’t have the paperwork yet.

Please note: Tangible Goods requested must be picked up from our storage facility by your agency. You will be advised the location.

If your request relates to a child/children’s needs, please submit a Little Friends Request instead.

Please submit your Urgent Request here.

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