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Personal Safety Alarm – Orange


My Guardian Angel Personal Safety Alarm, will be there to protect you and your loved ones when they need it most.


100% of proceeds go to fund the Friends with Dignity FriendSafe Program.


Providing practical programs to men, women and children impacted by Domestic & Family Violence.


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Every Alarm features a 130db alarm along with a 200 Lumen strobe LED light, encapsulated in soft-touch silicone coating and highly durable body that’s built to last.


The alarm runs on 2 easy to replace button batteries which last 1-2 years (depending on use level), once activated the alarm can last up to 2 hours.


A firm deliberate pull on the pin (the round handle) will activate the alarm, and replacing the pin will turn it off. The alarm is reusable multiple times, so no need to buy a new one after each use. When the battery gets low, the alarm will emit notification beeping to let you know it is time to replace the batteries.


My Guardian Angel can help protect your loved ones when they are out and about living life. Giving an extra layer of security when walking the dog, late night public transport trips, walking through a poorly lit carpark and even for the kids walk home from school.


With the included sturdy Carabiner keychain, attach My Guardian Angel to your handbag, backpack, drink bottle, belt loop or on a lanyard and get on with life with confidence.


Keep your loved ones safe every day.

Additional Information

• Small (9cm x 2.6cm x 1.1cm)
• Light-weight (40g)
• 130db siren (as LOUD as a jet engine!)
• Flashing 200-lumen strobe LED light to draw attention
• Stylish & minimalist (pairs with any outfit)
• Solid, Carabiner keychain included
• Activated with a well-intentioned pull of the pin
• No false triggering
• Durable soft-touch silicone coating
• Long lasting 2-year standby battery
• 1-2 hours of continuous alarm
• Easy to replace batteries

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