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Little Friends Activity Packs

Little Friends Activity Packs are creative and individualised entertainment packs aimed at keeping children busy during stressful situations.

Every day, children and their parents arrive at hospital emergency departments and domestic violence crisis services unprepared with anything to keep the children distracted or busy during this stressful time.

Each Pack Includes: 8 crayon colours (4 double ended crayons), a sticker sheet, a card background where stickers can be applied, a punch out game and 16 individual activities e.g.  spot the difference, join the dots, colour by numbers, a crossword just to name a few.




These circumstances often require extensive waiting periods, and despite the best efforts of staff to move people through the system as best they can, the waiting can lead to fed-up kids and strung out parents.

What if children attending a hospital emergency, out-patient service, a domestic violence support service, staying in crisis accommodation, a respite or evacuation centre, or waiting at a police station for help were given their own little entertainment pack?


We have created the Little Friends Activity Packs to bring a little brightness to children in need.

Unlike other table or play-corner-based entertainment options, we produce individual self-contained packs that appeal to a wide age-range of children, and do not require staff to supervise, tidy-up or coordinate.

The packs are assembled by hand and provided free to children waiting in stressful situations. These creative activity and colouring Little Friends Activity Packs have many benefits:

  • they keep children entertained,
  • they help reduce the stress on parents, and,
  • they take the pressure off staff.

By providing children with something meaningful to do at a time of uncertainty, these packs can help to redirect their thoughts from stressful anxiety-inducing concerns to fun, learning and genuine child-appropriate creative activities. There is much research to suggest being creative and artistic can be therapeutic. These packs aspire to share these calming therapeutic possibilities with as many families as possible.

These packs have been delivered to children’s support services in South-East Queensland. The feedback from staff at services where children are waiting in stressful situations has been extremely positive. Starting in the Emergency Department at two children’s hospitals in South-East Queensland, these packs are now going to domestic violence support services for use with children entering crisis accommodation and refuge shelters after being displaced from their homes by domestic violence.

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