Noble Friends Award October

October – December 2021


Winners Spotlight Presentation


Volunteering at Friends with Dignity really is a thankless task – and we’re ok with that.  Our difference is that we are not in contact with those experiencing domestic violence but are the behind-the-scenes people who provide financial support and new home sanctuaries to those fleeing situations.

Internally though, our Board and Leadership Team understands that it actually takes a community of volunteers to provide the support that we do.  And we want to recognise our volunteers who are making a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis.

Our quarterly Noble Friends Award aims to identify and celebrate the Volunteers of Friends with Dignity who go above and beyond in their service.

Kathryn McKenzie – Brisbane


Position:  General Volunteer

Core Value: Contribution and Certainty

Nomination information

Kathy is just a great all rounder.  Always ready to help and assist where she can. Has great work ethic and is an epitome of what Friends with Dignity stands for. Thank you Kathryn for your passion and dedication to the cause and helping families affected by DV. Kathryn has stepped up and is taking on sanctuaries and running the drives.

If you too would like to make a positive difference in the lives of those living the effects of domestic violence, take action and volunteer with us today!

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