Little Friends Request 14 


Swimming Lessons


A Little Friend requested a hand with swimming lessons.


Request complete


Thank you to our amazing friends who raised $295 to help our little friend stand out for the right reasons. Our little friend is enrolled in classes and the referring agent tells us that our little friend is expending that extra energy and some of the behavioural issues they were experiencing have also improved.


About the Little Friends Program


The Friends With Dignity Little Friends Program aims to give parents a helping hand with getting life as ‘back to normal’ as possible through funding uniforms and booklist costs, and after school sports activities and club memberships.

We work on a referral basis through registered referring agencies who contact us with a request to help out a little friend. The criteria for a little friends’ request is simple – more than anything else children should be able to play and will this request help them do that.

This is where YOU our amazing supporters come in. We go through the list of donations we’ve received, and put a call out through our Friends With Dignity Facebook page with the details of the request.

The image used in this post is a stock image to protect the confidentiality of our little friends.

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