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Little Friends Request 10 – Uniform Help – Complete

A Little Friend requested a hand with paying for new school uniforms.

Hello Team Friends

Thanks to FWD’s support, two beautiful children in our Women’s Refuge started their first day at their new school with nice and clean Brand-New School uniform.

When the kids came back home from school, they said they both had great teachers and lots of new friends and very happy going to school again.

You ladies help many children who have to change their school because their mum had to flee from the smoky home.

New uniform helps not only the mum who needs financial support but also children who feel overwhelmed and stressed to meet their new teacher and make new friends.

Kids are always saying they feel good wearing new uniforms on their first school day.

Thank you always Friend with Dignity for all your support for families in Refuge.

Thank you


Little Friends Request 10

For further information please contact us on donate@friendswithdignity.org.au
If you would like a tax deductible receipt please email accounts@friendswithdignity.org.au

Your support is very much appreciated

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About the Little Friends Program

The Friends With Dignity Little Friends Program aims to give parents a helping hand with getting life as ‘back to normal’ as possible through funding uniforms and booklist costs, and after school sports activities and club memberships.

We work on a referral basis through registered referring agencies who contact us with a request to help out a little friend. The criteria for a little friends’ request is simple – more than anything else children should be able to play and will this request help them do that.

This is where YOU our amazing supporters come in. We go through the list of donations we’ve received, and put a call out through our Friends With Dignity Facebook page with the details of the request.


The image used in this post is a stock image to protect the confidentiality of our little friends.

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