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Little Friends

Domestic violence affects us all

Research shows that one in three women and one in five men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. That’s someone’s sister, brother, mother, father, aunty, uncle, best friend—someone that you know. Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate in age, gender, culture, religion or economic background. It affects us all.

Making life a little easier

We work on a referral basis only through registered referring agencies who contact us with a request.


We fill these requests as quickly as possible.


Little Friends Requests are filled for children in refuge or that have already settled in their new homes. The family may have just arrived in refuge and need some nappies for their baby, school items, extra-curricula equipment or fees paid.

Some examples of Little Friends Requests we receive

  • A bicycle to help a little friend get to and from school


  • School fees and book lists, including BYOD


  • A formal dress for a little friend celebrate the end of her schooling with her friends


  • Baby items to set up a nursery for a mum who was eight months pregnant and just left an abusive relationship


…and the list goes on

Making the
magic happen

This is where YOU our amazing supporters come in.

Through the list of donations

We go through the list of donations we’ve received and put a call out through our Friends With Dignity Facebook page with the details of the request. Please click here to visit our FB page.

For monetary requests

We post on Facebook with the amount needed for that particular request and you can donate through the post. Or, if you’d like to donate to requests in general, click here to donate through Urgent Requests.

We never know their names

We never meet our clients, nor do we ever know their names. We work through our network of referring agencies to ensure our clients’ privacy is always protected. We are here with no judgement but to ensure they have a friend they may never meet and are treated with dignity.


Many of the families write to us through the referring agency with feedback and those letters make it all worthwhile. Our little friends often send a drawing, and those not only bring a tear to the eye, but they remind us of the profound difference we have all made to that family. It’s about making a difference to “One Friend at a time”

come true

A young lady wanting to attend her Junior School Formal, however with very limited funds this was only something this young friend could dream of!

With funds raised within a day through our Urgent Requests Program we were able to inform the Support Worker that mum was able to take her daughter shopping! The Support Worker said that it was such a special thing to be a part of, watching this young lady being fussed over and pampered.

The Support Worker said that it was such a special thing to be a part of, watching this young lady being fussed over and pampered.

Join Us

We invite all Australians to join us in supporting victim-survivors of domestic violence as we work
towards building a nation free from domestic violence.