Little Friends Giving Day

Little Friends Giving Day
Proudly Supported by the LJ Hooker Foundation

We are a community-based charity that proudly supports adults and children impacted by domestic violence to rebuild their lives. We believe that every single child deserves to grow up in a safe home. Our Little Friends Giving Day on October 20 supports children impacted by domestic violence. This year, thanks to the LJ Hooker Foundation and 4Shore Projects, your donation will be DOUBLED, doubling the impact on these innocent lives.


Domestic violence leaves a shadow not just on the adults involved, but on the tender hearts and young minds who bear witness. These children, innocent victims of circumstances beyond their control, carry scars that might last a lifetime.

According to the Childhood Domestic Violence Association, children exposed to domestic violence face significant short- and long-term negative effects on their mental, behavioural, and social well-being. Children who witness physical, emotional, or verbal domestic violence during their upbringing are twice as likely to abuse drugs and six times more likely to die by suicide.


Every Child Deserves a Safe Home. On October 20, we invite you to give generously, knowing your donation is DOUBLED.


Every child dreams of a world filled with laughter, bedtime stories, and nights without fear. A world where they can be children again, free from violence and the shadows of trauma.

On October 20, we invite you to make a donation big or small. Remember, thanks to the LJ Hooker Foundation and 4Shore Projects, every dollar you donate will be DOUBLED. With your help, we can provide support through the following Programs:


Little Friends Scholarships: Recognising the devastating financial toll of domestic violence, this program is a promise to every affected child. These scholarships empower children, ensuring they aren’t deprived of furthering their education or participating in extra-curricular activities. No child should forsake dreams because of financial constraints stemming from domestic violence. Every state and territory is guaranteed two scholarships, with additional awards based on pressing needs.


The Sanctuary Program: At the core of our mission, the Sanctuary Program does more than just provide shelter; it transforms houses into true homes for those escaping the clutches of domestic violence. Each sanctuary is personalised, and carefully curated by our dedicated volunteers using items graciously donated by supporters like you — turning empty spaces into nurturing environments where new beginnings flourish, free from abuse.


Little Friends Requests: Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate — it is an insidious shadow that can touch anyone, regardless of age, gender, culture, or background. Our Little Friends program recognises this pervasive truth. We operate through referrals from registered agencies, allowing us to tailor our support based on the specific needs and stories of the families reaching out.


Join us in our mission to provide survivors of domestic violence with a fresh start and to ensure that every child grows up in a safe and supportive environment. Remember, on Little Friends Giving Day, every act of generosity is DOUBLED thanks to our sponsors. Together, we can make a real difference.