Little Friends Day - Friday, November 18th

Friday, November 18, is Friends with Dignity’s inaugural Little Friends Day – a national giving day in support of children in domestic and family violence affected environments.

All donations on Little Friends Day will support the charity’s Little Friends Scholarship Program – an Australian first program that awards bi-annual monterey scholarships to children throughout Australia who have faced, or are facing, domestic or family violence.

Two scholarships of $500 are guaranteed to be awarded per state or territory, with the remaining balance being awarded on an as needed basis.

The Little Friends Scholarships make a big difference for children affected by domestic and family violence, by allowing them to further their education, and build their confidence through sport or the arts.

The scholarships were established to help children stand out for the right reasons, and ensure they can be happy, healthy and rebuild their confidence by finding something they’re good at, and extending their support network.

Usually all Friends with Dignity programs are on a referral basis from organisations and refuges, however, the Friends With Dignity Little Friends Scholarship Program affords parents the opportunity to submit an application personally.

The Little Friends Scholarship program gives parents the opportunity to tell their children’s stories, and how the scholarship will improve their lives. Parents can feel a great sense of accomplishment, knowing that they instigated the process.

Donations for Little Friends Day can be large or small, even a few dollars can help. All funds received will be pooled together in $500 amounts (the size of a scholarship), and all donations over $2 are tax deductible. 

Without your support, programs like the Little Friends Scholarship wouldn’t be possible. We thank you for supporting our organisation.

For more information on the Little Friends Scholarship, click here.



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