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Fridge Freezer Request


An Urgent Request for a Fridge Freezer

Our young mum has made the transition from refuge to her new home, after leaving behind a violent relationship. She has managed to secure most other necessary items for her house, but now just needs a fridge. Can you assist?

We need

1x fridge/freezer

Please email us at

Thank you 🙂


About the Urgent Request Program


The Urgent Request Program are filled for people in refuge or that have already settled in their new homes. Their clients may have just arrived in refuge and need a cot for their baby, toiletries for themselves, or they may have just moved into their new home and need a dining table.

We work on a referral basis through registered referring agencies who contact us with a request to help out. We never meet our clients nor do we ever know their names. We work through our network of referring agencies to ensure our clients’ privacy is always protected.

This is where YOU our amazing supporters come in. We go through the list of donations we’ve received, and put a call out through our Friends With Dignity Facebook page with the details of the request.

The image used in this post is a stock image to protect the confidentiality of the people we help.

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