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Founder and CEO Friends with Dignity

Manuela Whitford, married, mother of 3, is passionate and committed to helping others.

Born in Mozambique and grew up in South Africa. A Registered Nurse of over 25yrs, she has always made time to give back to her Community in one way or another.

Having immigrated to Australia in 2010, leaving family and lifelong friends, Manuela was determined to make Australia home for her and her immediate family. Securing a job with Queensland Health within the correctional services, Manuela soon realised she needed to StepUp and help people affected by Domestic Violence.

It was evident that people needed help and all she needed to do was connect people and generate a pathway to make it happen. This resulted in her Founding her original organisation, Assist A Sista in 2012 that later evolved to become Friends with Dignity in 2015. Manuela is no stranger to violence, having experienced an horrific event whilst in South Africa, prompting her immigration. She is determined and committed to ensure everyone’s right to feeling safe.

“I recognise and understand that Domestic Violence does not discriminate and men too need to be recognised and assisted. Minority groups such as the LGBTQI community also need to be recognised and offered assistance. Everyone has the right of access to services that support and provide a place of safety.”

Working full-time as a Clinical Nurse in the Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health sector, Manuela proudly Stands Up and Speaks Out against Domestic Violence. Both saddened and infuriated at the sheer number of incidences and witnessing the debilitating effects not only to Victims but their families, friends and community, there was no doubt Manuela wanted to actively make a change.

To date, Manuela proudly leads, and jointly works with, equally passionate volunteers to make a difference to the lives of so many individuals. Manuela is inspired by people and in awe of their resilience, which drives her to continue making a difference.

Volunteering, for Manuela, has become a vocation that she is truly committed to. She has reflected on how what she has created has been life changing, not only for the people she assists, but also to the volunteers, her family and herself alike.

” I look forward to the day my Voluntary position becomes redundant. But, until then, I and the Friends with Dignity crew will continue to StepUp, SpeakOut and Support those affected by Domestic Violence”.



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