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Why Donate
to us?

Friends with Dignity is a national charity providing assistance to men, women and children who have been displaced by domestic violence.


Our organisation works in collaboration with registered referral agencies to respond to any requests for assistance. This includes transforming houses into homes, providing essential items, offering scholarships to ease the burden of education and extra-curricular costs and providing a personal safety device so that help is available at a touch of a button. Donating to us ensures we can sustain our programs and reach as many men, women and children affected by Domestic violence.


Together we are gifting people a new beginning with Dignity, Hope and Purpose.

What we do

Friends with Dignity Programs provide practical services to assist people who are or have been affected by domestic violence to start their new journey, free from abuse.

The Sanctuary Program

A safe and secure home is something most of us take for granted. We transform houses into sanctuaries for victim-survivors to start their journey free from abuse with dignity.

Little Friends Program

Little Friends Requests are filled for children in refuge or that have already settled in their new homes. The family may have just arrived in refuge and need some nappies for their baby, school items, extra-curricula equipment or fees paid.

Urgent Requests

This includes bare essentials that most of us take for granted. Urgent requests provide ‘one-off’ items to help make life a little easier for victim-survivors of domestic violence.


Providing personal safety devices to individuals and/or families to ensure they have help at the touch of a button. These devices can be obtained through outright purchase, a lease agreement or through sponsorship 

Community Engagements

Actively working within our communities to encourage individuals, groups and organisations to Step Up and become part of the solution, Speak Out against domestic violence and assist in providing Support to victim-survivors.

Little Friends Scholarships

Our Little Friends Scholarship has been established to ensure all children have the ability to either further their education and/or be able to participate in extra-curricular activities that they may not be able to pursue due to the financial impact of Domestic and Family Violence.

Join Us

We invite all Australians to join us in supporting victim-survivors of domestic violence as we work towards building a nation free from domestic violence.