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Our 30 Day Program

We welcome the opportunity to partner with businesses of all sizes. Through our corporate volunteering program, there are so many ways that your business and team can help provide practical support for men, women and children impacted by domestic and family violence.


30 Day Corporate Volunteering Programs are now available for 2023. With only 12 spots available for the year, apply to register your team for a commitment of 30 Days as our designated corporate volunteers.During this month period, we will provide volunteering opportunities to support Friends with Dignity, which may include:

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Our Commitment To You

We value support from our Corporate Volunteers now more than ever. We are committed to motivating and inspiring your team to get behind our cause, helping them feel a sense of empowerment, and improve workplace culture. Prior to, or during your designated month, book us in for a workshop, so we can share information, and thank your team. During your designated month, we promote your company across our social media and email newsletter.

Volunteering at our events

Assist in setting up homes though our Sanctuary Program

Supporting or sponsoring a program

Hosting workplace fundraisers

Hosting a workplace or community collection drive

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