Buy a Buddy

Buy a Buddy

At Friends with Dignity are devoted to improving the lives of adults and children impacted by domestic and family violence. Working with agencies, registered services and the community, we strive to provide financial and tangible resources, programs, scholarships, and to enhance personal safety of those in our communities we support. 


For every donation over $25 to Friends with Dignity, Bocchetta Plush Toys will donate a Plush Buddy to a child who is impacted by domestic and family violence.  

A stuffed animal is more than a toy for a child. It’s a friend, a confidant, an invaluable tool that helps them process trauma. Plush stuffed animals help young children work through their emotional feelings. Parents and councillors gain critical insights into a child’s emotional journey through their interaction with these plush buddies.

We’re proud to partner with Bocchetta Plush Toys, who have committed to donating a Plush Buddy to a child victim-survivor of domestic violence for every donation we receive over $25. 

Your donation not only contributes to our various support programs, but also ensures a child receives a comforting plush companion to aid in their healing process.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

How Can You Help?

Consider donating to the “Buy a Buddy” Campaign: A $25 donation ensures a child victim-survivor of domestic violence receives a comforting plush buddy, alongside contributing to our mission to support victim-survivors and their families. Make your tax-deductible donation.

Stand with Friends with Dignity. Show victim-survivors of domestic violence that they are not alone, and help bring comfort and courage to children’s lives with a plush buddy.

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