Friends with Dignity

About Us

Our Mission

A collaborative national Not For Profit focused on improving the quality of life of any Adult and Child impacted by Domestic Violence through the provision of financial and tangible resources, programs and scholarships and enhancing the personal safety of individuals.


To ease the impact of Domestic Violence on Individuals and the Community regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or sexuality.

Our Values

Consideration for others, appreciation for their diversity, ability and unique qualities
Recognizing and validating the suffering of others and committed to making a difference
Being responsive and honourable and transparent
Acknowledging and understanding of others and being supportive
Dedicated and passionate to making a difference. Encouraging goodwill and action to help others
Collectively working towards equality and growth for individuals and families
Acknowledging each other’s worth and uniqueness without judgement. Providing significance
Joining forces/ sharing resources/working together to achieve a common goal of making Australia a safer place for all

Meet the team

The Executive Team

Manuela Whitford

CEO / Founder

Darrell Whitford


Non-Executive Team

Jeri Childers

Non-Executive Director

Nicole Madigan

Non-Executive Director

Leadership Team

Tracey Wickham

National Fundraiser and Community Engagements Manager

Jay Botha

Finance Manager

Vicki Kersey

National Programs Manager

Renee Henville

National HR Manager

Melissa van der Burgt

National FriendSafe
Program Manager

Decinda MacDonald

National Events Manager

Linda Draper

National Scholarships

Amy Farrugia

Community Liaison Coordinator – Gold Coast


Joe Dageforde

Sima Mala

Shannen Simmons

Sandie Foran

Decinda Burrell

Nicole Madigan

Join Us

We invite all Australians to join us in supporting victim-survivors of domestic violence as we work
towards building a nation free from domestic violence.